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Land Conversion

Land can be converted, for one or more of the following purposes: Residential Purposes, Commercial Purposes, Individual / Industrial Area, Medical facilities, Animal rearing and husbandry, systematic farming or dairies such as isolated farms specializing in horticulture, rising of genetically enhanced crops or agriculture requiring specialized Abiotic premises. Public utility of use to the state or district Bungalow scheme and Agriculture land Any Where In maharashtra.



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Farmer Certificate

Agricultural land provides tax breaks and also generates various income for the land holders. But, in order to buy such land in Maharashtra, you need be a farmer / hold a Farmer certificate. You can procure a farmer certificate in Maharashtra if you are a farmer or an agriculturist with farm land in Maharashtra or some other state. Hence, by purchasing agricultural land in another state, you can become a Farmer and get a Farmer certificate. Due to this, you can then buy agricultural land in Maharashtra.


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Property Amenities

Multimedia Center

Private Territory

Guest Suites

Car Parking

Yoga Studio

Pet House

Fast Internet

Swimming Pool